Great Results With Quality Service

46 Years of Automotive and Dealership Experience

My dedication to the automotive industry began over four decades ago when I started working for my family’s franchised dealership at the age of ten. I didn’t know it back then, but eventually this small part time job would influence my passion for years to come. I have worked in nearly every position a family dealership could have, including our own body shop. My experience working with dealerships is second to none, and today I enjoy a lucrative relationship with several longstanding business partners.

My journey as a paintless dent repair technician truly began in 1987 when I had the opportunity to take a two week training course with a company based out of Missouri.

The course cost me $10,000, a great deal of money for the time, but they provided me with two incredibly important things: a priceless repertoire of skills and my first set of tools. This opened my eyes to the PDR industry. My next three months were spent honing my talent and earning a name for myself. Eventually, I decided to combine my paint training from Paint Bull and my newly acquired PDR skills to include mobile painting and touch-ups to my services.

I am one of the most accomplished PDR technicians in Colorado. Even with my experience I am still amazed to this day by the sheer growth the industry has seen over the years. This has invited it’s fair share of secrets and drama, but more importantly it has put PDR in front of the eyes many. Unfortunately, there still seems to be a certain lack of professional courtesy, information sharing, and friendly competition. That’s exactly why I got into this business: to prove that it’s not all about marketing and charging more.

Here at Auto Flex we strive to create a customer experience that surpasses what you’ve come to expect from a trip to the repair shop. Our goal is to make your visit quick and stress free. Our expert technicians are here to guide you through every step of the repair process from the initial quote to handling insurance papers. We don’t believe in dumb questions, and nothing makes us happier than knowing you’re getting the best value for your vehicle.